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Work summary of the warning points for 2018 and work plan for 2019

Work summary of the warning points for 2018 and work plan for 2019

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The year 2018, which just passed, marks the 40th anniversary of China's reform and opening-up. Reform and opening up have injected unprecedented power and vitality into the development of the rubber industry and promoted its rapid development at an unprecedented speed, breadth and depth. In the past 40 years, the size of the rubber industry has grown rapidly. The sales revenue of rubber products has increased by 321 times and the total profit has increased by 70 times. The total output of tires, tire forcings, rubber hose tapes and various rubber products has increased by dozens to hundreds of times respectively. The rapid development of China's rubber industry has created an inseparable global industrial chain and value chain of rubber industry, including rubber materials, carbon black, auxiliaries, skeleton materials, technology, equipment, market, etc. The economies of various countries and various economies are integrated into it, and they are interdependent and mutually beneficial. In the past 40 years, the economic structure of China's rubber industry has undergone major changes, and a large number of scientific and technological achievements have been made.
In the past year of 2018, the world was full of wind and clouds, and many global events broke out frequently. Trade frictions unilaterally provoked by the United States have become increasingly fierce. The world is moving towards multi-polarity and economic globalization is encountering setbacks. Unilateralism and protectionism are heating up rapidly. The domestic market demand is not smooth, the cost pressure is big, the benefit promotion is difficult, the industry economy downward pressure is big. Rubber industry, however, insist on maintaining stability, on the basis of 40 years of achievements, the industry deepen structural reforms, supply side variable pressure as the power, the positive and effective response to rising costs, adverse factors such as consumption falters, hard skills authors, increase efficiency, improve the quality of supply, efforts to expand domestic demand, efforts to expand international market diversification, finally won the major production and marketing of products, exports, profits growth, industry steady economic recovery, industry, science and technology progress, intelligent manufacturing, green environmental protection, brand construction, internationalization management new achievements and new progress of steady progress.
Our warning point in nanjing city business bureau and rubber industry, under the guidance of superior leadership work earnestly carry out import and export fair trade early warning in accordance with the requirements, through continuous innovation, workshop technical reformation, improve the added value of products, and to explore new market space, to strengthen the electronic commerce network operations to improve business efficiency, dealing with trade risk, obtained certain result. The work of the warning point in 2018 is summarized as follows:
I. summary of work in 2018
(1) timeliness and effectiveness of information warning release
Early warning point staff of the company timely release all kinds of chemical industry, rubber network early warning information, in order to avoid as far as possible the economic losses caused by various international technical barriers in the industry. In the early warning information platform on the company's official website in 2018, a total of 147 trade early warning information and relevant early warning analysis were released, with an average of 12 each month. The content mainly reflects the latest trade measures of various countries on rubber with China and important news in the industry, with timely information release and authentic and reliable sources.
(2) strengthen organizational construction and implement work responsibilities
Since this year the company office or "fair trade alert point" by the ministry of foreign trade manager is responsible for the overall work, and the office, the electronic commerce further clarify the roles and responsibilities, part-time staff of full-time staff can focus on their work, to ensure the completion of the annual work plan, close communication and contact the enterprise and the legal adviser, perfect the legal risks existing in the foreign trade contract and intellectual property risk. Strengthen the disclosure of information in the industry on the company's professional website, so as to understand and master the situation of international trade relief and relevant knowledge of trade relief and timely convey.
(3) strengthen team building and actively participate in training
Actively participated in the nanjing city business bureau subordinate all kinds of foreign trade import and export chamber of commerce to hold training and early warning meeting, by learning to make early warning point liaison to the current our country facing the trade friction has a further understanding of the situation, the increase of foreign anti-dumping investigation and countervailing investigation, deal with security and safeguard investigations and measures to cope with knowledge, especially the common problems in the process of foreign trade contract and common problems in the process of risk control, contract and risk control, common problems in the process of dispute resolution and risk control agree that is very practical for daily work, such as favorable enterprise avoid risk, foreign trade personnel have a lot of warning and inspiration.
Ii. Early warning work plan in 2019
The year 2019, the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, will be a crucial year in building a moderately prosperous society in all respects. The world is facing unprecedented changes in the past century. In the final month of the New Year, Chinese and U.S. leaders agreed on trade and economic issues to stop escalating trade restrictions, including not raising existing tariffs on each other and not imposing new tariffs on other goods. The "pause" button pressed by the tense china-us economic and trade friction has effectively prevented the further expansion of economic and trade friction and won opportunities for the New Year. However, there are still uncertainties in the future. There may be positive progress, but it will not be smooth sailing.
The year 2019 is also a time when a new round of technological and industrial revolution is booming, new energy, new materials, intelligent, digital and other new technologies are accelerating their integration with traditional industries, triggering profound changes in the global manufacturing industry and reshaping the competitive landscape. Based on years of rapid development, China's rubber industry has also entered the process of transformation and upgrading to high-quality development. Facing the complex situation at home and abroad, in the face of technological revolution and industrial revolution, face the challenge of global resources and environment, we must fully estimate difficulties and contradictions, to see the situation and problems, firm the confidence, to grasp the transformation and upgrading of industry strategy and path, insist on innovation drive, development, intelligent manufacturing, green area along the way; Aimed at industry core weak link, efforts to promote scientific and technological innovation ability, short, quality and heart no extraneous do their own thing, our own strength, excellent lift core competitiveness, sustaining development of motivation and, calmly cope with the challenge of various risks and crisis into opportunities, turned the corner and keep the economy running smoothly. To this end, in 2019, we will continue to do a good job in the following early warning points:
(1) further strengthen information warning
In 2019, information warning construction will be further strengthened in view of some existing problems. It plans to expand the information coverage of warning points, update them at least six times a week, release more than 14 warning messages every month and more than 140 warning messages every year. At the same time of promoting the information collection, increase the originality of information, ensure the universality, comprehensiveness and unique value of the information provided, and improve the quality of early warning work; We should set up liaison officers with professional quality, actively participate in all kinds of relevant training, exchanges and timely and comprehensively report information contact forms, establish a foreign trade early warning working mechanism with division of labor, coordination and operation coordination, and give full play to the advantages of the early warning system.
(2) actively participate in the early warning training of the chamber of commerce of import and export trade
Strengthen internal training and external training, in an active part in nanjing departments at all levels and the import and export chamber of commerce for import and export fair trade knowledge training at the same time, the company's internal regular organization responsible for foreign trade export of related trade alert knowledge training, make employees more comprehensive understanding of the importance of trade alert, improve staff professional quality, ability, trade alert of the work, do more professional, more perfect, development of early warning work unceasingly the new requirements. The annual organization and participation of relevant training should not be less than three times.
(3) organization and coordination of enterprises' response to overseas trade barriers
Technical barriers to trade (TBT), as a new form of trade protection, is prevalent among countries represented by developed countries in recent years. In response to the foreign trade barriers, especially technical barriers to trade and reduce its harm to our foreign trade, continue to strengthen the construction of technical trade barriers early warning mechanism, fair trade policies related to the study of new development, new situation and new cases, discusses the corresponding method, strengthen the propaganda and the related knowledge in training employees. Communicate effectively with industry associations, continue to participate in, organize and formulate domestic industry technical standards and regulations. Participate in activities and trade fairs organized by international industry standards organizations, register for overseas certification, strengthen external communication, increase the company's overseas popularity, obtain more foreign trade information, and avoid unnecessary trade friction;
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