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Rubber products industry to develop must do so!

Rubber products industry to develop must do so!

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Since China's reform and opening up more than 30 years ago, it can be generally divided into three stages:
In the first stage, the structural adjustment of land ownership, represented by the transfer of land output to individual households, improved the production enthusiasm of farmers and solved the food problem.
The second stage is represented by the restructuring of state-owned enterprises to solve the problem of workers' enthusiasm for production;
The third stage is to stimulate the private economy as a representative to solve the problem of economic structure and vitality.
These 3 phase are release enthusiasm more. However, for Chinese non-tire rubber products enterprises, they relied more on simple and single resources, such as labor cost, cheap raw materials and production resources, to survive and participate in international competition in this development period. It is more manifested as barbaric development. Enterprises lack strategy, product positioning, product quality and international competitiveness. The competition between enterprises is more on the domestic low-end products, resulting in severe overcapacity in low-end products and markets, while in the middle and high-end products and markets, except for a few enterprises, they are almost unable to participate.
Therefore, from the perspective of industrial development strategy, supply-side structural reform should be carried out from three aspects:
First, we will consolidate the market share of low-end and medium-end products. The primary task is to reduce costs to consolidate the market position cost advantage. The cost reduction here is definitely not at the cost of sacrificing quality, but the establishment of a new cost management system represented by materials, process technology, industrial engineering, automation level and resource sharing, so as to realize the continuous improvement of explicit and implicit costs and ultimately improve the operation quality of enterprises.
Second, through management, technology and product innovation, new supply of products and services can be rapidly formed, so as to seize the middle and high-end products and markets.
Third, through the establishment of industry alliances at the national level, the integration of domestic and foreign resources for the industry to fill the shortage of the introduction of resources, integration of industrial chain to integrate the advantages of resources, to solve the pain points of the industry; We will help the industry transform and upgrade through innovation and development, and quickly and continuously create new supply of products, technologies and services, so as to maintain the healthy, stable and sustainable development of the industry.
Therefore, in the context of the new normal economy, the implementation of the new supply side economy is the source of China's national wealth and the long-term power of the economy. The core of supply-side structural reform is to promote various factors to ensure the constant formation of new supply. Understanding and implementing the "two five-year plan" of supply-side structural reform is the key to the reform in the short and medium term.
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