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关于金腾Nanjing Kim Teng Rubber Co. was founded in 1976, is the rubber industry is the backbone enterprises, vice president of the China Rubber Industry Association, President of the Bureau units, utilization of waste rubber branch chairman of the unit, is the country's most professional industrial rubber plate production base. Kong Dewei chairman, Comrade Chairman of the Bureau of China Rubber Industry Association, vice president, branch chairman of the comprehensive utilization of waste rubber, Gaochun Rural Commercial Bank. China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Environmental excellent manager. China Rubber Industry scientific enterprise leaders, is the national standard "rubber sheet" makers GB / T5574-2008 of.

Corporate employees 500 people, engineers and technical staff of 65 people, the company has a technology development center and a complete set of advanced detection equipment to meet the needs of users at different levels. Currently, the company's products have four series; reclaimed rubber series, industrial rubber plate series, sports, fitness mat series, special series of 160 kinds of rubber sheet, more than 1000 specifications; products are widely used in aerospace, aviation, automotive, shipbuilding, construction, electronics, chemicals, sports venues;Multiple industries telecommunications, electricity and so on. 75% of products are exported to foreign countries. The company has been named "the contract and trustworthy" "AAA Grade Credit Enterprise"; Cooper "trademark was named" famous Nanjing trademark "and" Jiangsu Province ";" Cooper "brand products have been rated as" Nanjing famous Brand "and" Jiangsu Famous Brand. "

The company has always been to "quality assurance, integrity-based" business purpose, to provide customers with quality products and satisfactory service, we would like the world, all regions of the merchants sincere cooperation and common development.